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We must be vigilant in preventing a lessening of beach access by legislative maneuvering circumventing the Supreme Court ruling. Long Beach was established approximately 100 years ago and its appeal was a community where families could enjoy the Dunes and lakefront. This is what drew people to our area and we must always be on alert from those who wish to take away this right to enjoy the beach.  


A priority of mine is to maintain a strong police force and fire department to safeguard our continued protection and safety. We must ensure that our fire department retains its current certification which keeps all of our home insurance rates at a low level. This may require updates to equipment and facilities but protection is a prudent use of Town resources. 


I will support all efforts to keep Moon Valley from any commercial or private development. We must maintain this area in its natural state for all to enjoy. 

I support planning for the possible installation of sewers for the entire Town. Long Beach cannot be put in the position that lakefront homeowners are now presently in, whereby a septic failure would mean an unsalable home. 


We must work together to continue the maintenance and improvements to our beach stops and parks. Much progress has been made in the past 4 years for the overall beautification of the Town and beach stop areas and this progress must continue.